Korea National Open University and Payame Noor University are New AAOU Executive Committee Members

The Asian Association of Open Universities is pleased to announce the inclusion as co-opted members of the AAOU Executive Committee for 2017-2019.

Korea National Open University (KNOU) is an active member of AAOU as indicated by their hosting of the AAOU Exchange Fellow. Furthermore, KNOU has served as member of the association’s EC for the last three decades. Payame Noor University (PNU), on the other hand, can provide a good representation of AAOU in Iran being the largest state university in the country. By being a member of AAOU’s EC, PNU can provide direct and firsthand information for consideration by EC members when making decisions and planning programs and activities that will benefit the member institutions from the different parts of the region.

KNOU is headed by Professor Kim Oi Sook, while Payame Noor University’s President is Professor Ali Asghar Rostami Abousaidi.