Journal of Open Learning — Beijing Open University

The Journal of Open Learning (China) has been known as the Journal of Beijing Radio and TV over the last 20 years. The journal is dedicated to disseminating the innovations and researches in the area of open learning science, distance education, and lifelong learning. The journal, with consistent endeavors over the years, has now been recognized in China as one of the resource centers for up-to-date global perspectives and current local innovations in international development and China’s practices in the broad areas of open learning.

The Journal of Open Learning publishes innovation and practice cases from the international and domestic distance education and open learning, life-long education practice cases. The main coverage of the journal include:

  • Practices in Open Learning
  • Innovation in Distance Education
  • Open University Construction
  • Lifelong Learning Research
  • Museum Education Research
  • Online Curriculum and Teaching
  • Learning Analytics and Learning Support
  • Learning Resource and Learning Environment
  • Teacher Professional Development

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