AAOU Accreditation Task Force Holds Second Meeting in Tangerang, Indonesia

In light of the approved proposal during the 32nd AAOU Annual Executive Committee Meeting (held on 26 September 2017, in Indonesia) to explore the feasibility of offering open education accreditation services, the AAOU Accreditation Task Force held its second meeting in Tangerang, Indonesia on 04 to 05 May 2018.

The AAOU Accreditation Task Force is a team composed of representatives from the different regions of Asia chosen to conduct a feasibility study on AAOU offering open education accreditation services. The team also aims to offer these services from a developmental perspective, giving AAOU member institutions the opportunity to improve their open education practices by providing consultation services to those in need.

The team will once again be meeting with in Hong Kong in July to make the necessary preparations for their final report on the study which will be presented during the 33rd AAOU Annual Executive Committee Meeting on 23 October 2018 in Hanoi, Vietnam.