AAOU Collaborative Research Program

The Asian Association of Open Universities plays a significant role in shaping and influencing the direction of open distance and e-learning not only in Asia but also in the whole world. While each member institution can contribute towards this direction, collaborative undertakings can have a more significant impact.

At present, partnerships and collaboration are concretized through the AAOU Exchange Fellowship Program involving two member institutions working together, and the OU5 (UPOU, STOU, OUM, HOU, and UT) who worked together for the development of the ASEAN Studies program and who are also collaborating to conduct institutional research on distance education and on ASEAN studies. Some member institutions are also working together for the Asian MOOCS Steering Committee, and the AAOU Accreditation Task Force, both of which have research components.

With this, the proposal to establish the AAOU Collaborative Research Program, sent via an online referendum on 28 September 2018, was approved via circulation by the AAOU Executive Committee. The proposal aims to promote the generation and building of knowledge on open, distance, and e-learning, promote active engagement in scholarly activities among academics of AAOU members, and develop the culture of collaborative research at AAOU.

Please be guided by the following mechanics:

  1. Any member of AAOU on active status can submit a research proposal to the AAOU Secretariat. The research should involve at least three AAOU member institutions.
  2. A Review Committee will be created to evaluate the submitted proposals. Members of the Review Committee should be senior academics from different member institutions and be appointed by the President.
  3. A grant of up to US$6,000 can be given to each of selected research proposals.
  4. Each year, up to three (3) proposals can be given the research grant.
  5. Every research project should be completed in two (2) years.
  6. At least one paper from the research should be presented at the AAOU conference within two years of the research grant and one paper also be submitted for publication to the AAOU Journal within two years of the research grant.
  7. A research report should be distributed to the AAOU member institutions during the Annual General Body Meeting the year following the completion of the research grant.

All AAOU members are encouraged to take this opportunity for research collaboration, especially during the AAOU Conference in Hanoi, Vietnam on 24-26 October 2018.