AAOU 2019 in Lahore, Pakistan

At the closing ceremony of the AAOU 2018 in Hanoi, Vietnam, Prof. Dr. Masroor Ellahi Babar from the Virtual University of Pakistan announced that the 2019 AAOU Annual Conference (AAOU 2019) will be held at the Pearl Continental Hotel in Lahore, Pakistan. In March 2019, the Virtual University of Pakistan announced that it will be held in 14–16 October 2019. The conference theme is “Open Distance Learning: 2020 and Beyond”.

The sub-themes are as follows:

    1. Next Generation Education Technologies/ Innovations 
      • Educational Technology and Technologies in Education
      • Technology Hardware and Soft wares in Education/ Technological Innovations Coming to Education- Present and Future
      • ODL for blending Individualized and Collaborative Learning
      • Connectivity of Pedagogical/ andragogical theories and Technology
      • Trends in Cyber learning
      • ODL Creeping into the Traditional Classrooms
      • Next Generation Classrooms and Learning Space Designs
    2. Ensuring and Enhancing Quality 
      • Quality Assurance Standards and Accreditation
      • Assessing ODL: Knowledge, Dispositions and Behavior
      • Appraisal of Teachers and other Human Resource in ODL
      • Enabling ODL Teachers and Educators
      • Human Resource Development and Management in ODL
      • Ethics in Cyber teaching and Learning
      • Challenges of Internationalizing Higher education through ODL
    3. Lifelong Learning: Addressing Personal, Professional and Societal Development
      • Technology for educating Illiterates and neo literates
      • ODL for attaining SDGs
      • ODL as a game changer for the marginalized
      • Teaching 21st Century Cognitive processes through ODL
      • ODL from Technology Box to the Communities
      • Societal challenges: Reaching out to communities (Health and environment)
    4. Challenges for Policy makers and Education Providers
    5. Social Sciences and Humanities: New Challenges, New Horizons

For more information about the conference you may visit the conference website here.