Call for Nominations for the 2020-2022 AAOU President and Members of the Executive Committee

Every three years, during the Meeting of the General Body, AAOU elects members of the Executive Committee in accordance to Article VIII of AAOU’s Constitution and By Laws (Election of the Executive Committee).  

We are pleased to open the nominations for AAOU President and Members of the Executive Committee for CY 2020-2022.

The Management and Administration of AAOU are vested in an Executive Committee which consists of:

  • A President and seven other members, of which one will be the immediate Past President of the Association, and not including two co-opted members.
  • An appointed Secretary-General. The appointment of the Secretary-General will be the prerogative of the President.
  • The Executive Committee should also be so constituted that there will be at least two members from each of the following three regions: (1) Eastern Asia, (2) Southeast Asia, and (3) South-central Asia and Western Asia. In the event of any region not being represented on the Executive Committee, the Committee shall co-opt members to effect such representation.

A Nominee must be a full member for the last three consecutive years, with membership payment fully settled. 

Candidates seeking the Presidency are required to write an undertaking regarding the hosting of the Secretariat. 

Nominations together with the date and time of the elections will be sent to all member institutions at least three months in advance of the elections.

The election will be held at the 2019 Meeting of the General Body in Lahore, Pakistan. Voting for the President and other elected members of the Executive Committee shall be by secret ballot at the Annual General Meeting and candidates shall be elected on a “first-past-the-post” basis.  The counting of the votes shall be conducted by the Secretary-General, with the ballot papers being opened and counted in the presence of two scrutineers approved by the Executive Committee.

The deadline for nominations is on 30 July 2019.  Further details regarding the AAOU Election of the Executive Committee are on this webpage. We look forward to your nominations.