A delegation from the Turkish Ahi Evran University visits Al-Quds Open University

Ramallah, Palestine: QOU President, Prof. Younes Amr and a delegation from the Turkish Ahi Evran University included the Vice Rector Prof. Ahmet Gokbel, the Director of Foreign Affairs Office Assist. Prof. Dr. Erman Akilli and the academic researcher in the Turkish affairs Dr. Seyfullah Korkmaz Kaysei discussed ways of cooperation between both universities.

The meeting was held at QOU headquarters in Ramallah on Saturday 23/02/2019 to complement the cooperation agreement that was signed between both universities two years ago. The cooperation agreement entailed an academic exchange between the universities whereby the Faculty of agriculture in the universities initiated an academic exchange and two students from QOU will be enrolled at Ahi Evran University for a full academic semester.  

Prof. Amr welcomed the attendees and stated that the relation between both universities is distinguished and should be continued and improved in the various fields, especially in the research and academics and students exchange. He also stated that there is a vision towards establishing a translation research center for the Turkish language due to the importance of the Turkish language in supporting the Palestinian rights in front of the Israeli occupation. He added that the Palestinians are proud of the Turkish people; historically, we see our glorious days and currently, Turkey is one of the countries that support the rights of the Palestinian people. The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an is reviving the Arab and Muslim history in the way we wish, especially his attitude from the Palestinian leadership and his support for the Palestinian state. Prof. Amr briefed the attendees about the development of QOU mentioning that it is affiliated from PLO and it is the first university to adopt the blended learning philosophy in the Middle East. QOU developed its methods and introduced the e-learning tools in 20 educational locations; 5 in Gaza Strip and 15 in the West Bank where more than 50000 students are enrolled and graduated around 100 thousand students and acquired international awards and prizes.   

The Vice Rector Prof. Ahmet Gokbel expressed his happiness to visit Palestine and QOU and stated that his university is looking forward to enhance the cooperation with QOU through MA students in the academic exchange field and he is also willing to develop the cooperation in the cultural field.

The meeting was attended by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Prof. Samir Al-Najdi, the Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Prof. Marwan Darwish, the Vice President for Financial Affairs, Dr. Issam Khalil, the President Assistant for Student Affairs, Prof. Mohammed Shahin, the Vice President for Media and Public and International Affairs Dr. Eng. Imad Hodali, the President Assistant for Monitoring Affairs, Dr. Alaa Shakhshir, Dean of Graduate studies and Scientific Research, Prof. Husni Awad, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Dr. Maen Sheqwarah and the Head of Division of International Relations Ms. Lina Abu Hilal.