Al-Quds Open University and Palestine Monetary Authority Sign an MoU to Promote Scientific Research in Palestine, Raise Awareness and Advance the Culture of Finance and Banking among Students

Ramallah, Palestine: Prof. Younes Amr, the President of al-Quds Open University (QOU), and His Excellency Mr. Azzam Shawwa, the Governor of Palestine Monetary Authority and the Chairman of the Board, signed a MoU on 13 February 2019, at the headquarters of the latter in Ramallah. 

The MoU aims at enhancing the level of scientific research, studies, reports, and statistics in Palestine, in addition to raising awareness and advancing the culture of banking and finance along with its regulations among students, besides any field related to the work of both institutions. The MoU also aims at advancing scientific research in the fields of economy, business administration, banking and finance, accounting, as well as the regulations and legislations of banking and finance. 
The MoU included the organization of activities directed towards students that help promote the culture of banking and finance and raise awareness on their regulations. 

Moreover, The MoU embedded exchanging efforts to help implement the national strategic goals that seek financial inclusion according to the roles of each local university, set by the strategic action plan.  

His Excellency, Mr. Shawwa, praised the efforts exerted by QOU in education and teaching across Palestine, stating “al-Quds Open University always challenges reality and it has proved its efficiency in various fields.” He pointed to the importance of cooperation between the Monetary Authority and the Palestinian universities to promote scientific research in the economic sector in general and the banking sector in particular.

Prof. Amr indicated that the banking sector plays a major role in the economic development in addition to its role in the support and development of the economic sector. The banking sector is considered the cornerstone and the main engine of the economic activities, which contribute effectively to the economy’s development and growth.

Prof. Amr praised the role of the Monetary Authority in maintaining financial stability, developing the banking sector and promoting financial and economic opportunities in order to improve the Palestinian economy. He also praised the special efforts exerted by the Palestinian Monetary Authority to develop various banking sectors, stressing that cooperation between national institutions, especially academic ones, would develop the banking sector and provide it with trained cadres and qualified graduates.

Prof. Amr referred to the history of the University and its role in providing higher education for all Palestinians, and communicated his hope for transforming the Monetary Authority into a central bank in the near future. 

The meeting was attended by QOU’s President Assistant for Public & International Relations and Media Affairs, Dr.Eng. Imad Hodali, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Mohammed el-Titi, Assistant Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Tamer Suhail, the Director of the University Branch in Ramallah and Al-Bireh, Dr. Hussein Hamayel, Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies, Prof. Hosni Awad, Dean of Technology and Applied Sciences, Prof. Youssef Abu Zir, Dean of Administrative and Economic Sciences, Dr. Yousef Abu Fara, and Director of the Quality Department, Dr. Attieh Musleh.