SPUP Gears up with Educational Thrusts in the 4th Industrial Revolution

St. Paul University Philippines’s (SPUP) President Sister Merceditas Ang, SPC, leads the academic community in gearing up for the 4th IR in the academe and industry thereby creating educational pathways for the University as it continues to make its program offerings and activities relevant.

In the dawn of the 4th industrial revolution characterized by automation and machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics, big data analytics, internet of things, 3D bio-printing and genome editing, block chain, and all sorts of advance technology, SPUP is called to tread on educational pathways that would make it survive and thrive with a distinct Paulinian brand and a blend of academic excellence, spiritual maturity, and social responsibility. 

As such, SPUP has ventured on the following thrusts to in order to position itself in the new era:

  1. Strengthen on spirituality, character and value formation, and enhancement of soft skills and human aspects;
  2. Upscale and upgrade knowledge and competencies, and level-up performance;
  3. Transform teaching-learning design and approach towards active,. Authentic, experiential, and outcomes-based that teach students the skills of analysis, critical thinking and complex problem-solving ability, research, creativity and innovation, multi-media communication, and making out of content;
  4. Adopt international standards and engage on active partnership, research collaboration, exchange programs and training with universities and industries;
  5. Engage in relevant and innovative research that would generate new knowledge and discoveries, with high utility value findings, and
  6. Embrace the principles and issues of global citizenship education and advocacies towards the realization of the sustainable development goals 2030.

These thrusts have propelled the Paulinian sail in establishing itself to be locally responsive with global perspectives, thus strengthening its linkage and partnership with various government and private institutions within the Philippines and abroad so as to deliver innovative, relevant and stand out program offerings and activities.                        

It is noteworthy that Sister Merceditas posts a challenge to the members of the SPUP community to learn and adopt to the new and better ways and mindset demanded by the present realities, re-learn and upgrade everyone’s 21st century skills and competencies for greater efficiency and effectiveness, and un-learn the traditional and old ways that people have been used to which have now become passé.