HOU’s “Introduction to Vietnam’s Culture” is now available on AAOU Asian MOOCs

Good news to everyone interested to learn about Vietnam’s culture! Hanoi Open University’s course,“Introduction to Vietnam’s culture”, is now up and available on AAOU Asian MOOCs.

This course provides students with the knowledge needed to understand a culture in general, and the culture of Vietnam in particular, to help them understand the basic concepts, features, functions and rules of formation and development until the development of the culture of Vietnam.

Concepts that will be discussed in the course include:

  • Studying and approaches to cultural studies.
  • Know the subject, scope and methodology of Vietnamese Cultural Studies,
  • Understanding the meaning of studying Vietnamese culture and culture,
  • Understanding the basic characteristics of Vietnamese culture and the impact of globalization on Vietnamese culture.

Date offering: free
Teacher: Dr. Tran Thi Hong Thuy 
Language: Vietnamese
Institution: Hanoi Open University

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