Virtual University of Pakistan’s Team Works on Drugs Discovering for Coronavirus

With the rapid spread of corona virus globally, scientists all over the world are focusing on finding drugs that can target the deadly virus. A research team from Virtual University of Pakistan, comprising Mr. Muhammad Shehroz (Instructor, Department of Biotechnology) and Dr. Tanveer Hussain (Associate Professor, Department of Molecular Biology) also worked on this aspect and has so far carried out molecular docking studies (computational analysis) of more than 700,000 drugs to check for their efficacy in binding to the viral proteins that are involved in the attachment of the virus to human cells. Eight potential drugs have been shortlisted that are thought to be efficient, non-toxic, and can be used orally. The study is under review by different foreign scientists and has been sent for publishing in an international journal. The identified eight potential drugs may be helpful in finding the treatment of SARS-CoV-2 spread all over the globe.