One Day Webinar “Impact of COVID-19 on Pakistan’s Economy: Current and Future Implications” by Virtual University of Pakistan

ORIC Department of Virtual University of Pakistan in collaboration with Department of Management Sciences organized a One Day Webinar titled “Impact of COVID-19 on Pakistan’s Economy: Current and Future Implications”. The purpose of this webinar was to understand the impact of COVID-19 on global economic scenario and specifically with reference to Pakistan as COVID-19 jolted the economic giants of the world beside other catastrophic effects. When this situation will pacify is still an unanswered question. The developing countries were the major sufferers. Pakistan is also not an exception. In this session, the foreign qualified resource persons and renowned economists of the country presented and discussed the global economic scenario in this pandemic situation. Around 500 were the participants of the event from all across Pakistan. By joining this webinar, the participants were not only able to enhance their knowledge about the economic impact of this pandemic nationally and internationally, rather they were also able to foresee the emerging economic global scenario and Pakistan’s status in that bigger picture. Dr. Arshad Hashmi, Director ORIC and Dr. Syed Salman Hassan, Deputy Director ORIC were the organizer and moderator of this webinar.