Asia e University With 14 Years of Academic Excellence

Asia e University will be celebrating its 14th anniversary this year. The University was established on 16 April 2007 with the mission to remove barriers that can limit access to higher education. Asia e University was established as part of the Malaysian Government initiative to champion e-education under the Asia Cooperation Dialogue n multi-lateral organisation with 35 Asian member countries. This is affirmed during 2005 Asian Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) Foreign Ministerial Meetings in Islamabad and a year after that at Doha Declaration in 2006. This establishment of AeU was supported by 26 ACD member countries in Doha.

From its inception, the University has been collaborating with Institutions of Higher Learning (IHLs) and training centres in the ACD member countries to provide quality and affordable academic qualifications and professional training programmes to its learners.

In 2007, AeU students could choose one from only 8 programmes. To date the University has 27 academic programmes with various specialisations conducted under 6 schools – School of Management (SOM), School of Art, Humanities and Social Sciences (SAHUSS), School of Education and Cognitive Science (SECS), School of Graduate Studies (SGS), School of Science and Technology (SST) and School of Foundation Studies (SFS). AeU has attracted students from over 80 countries and has over 50 International and local learning centres. AeU Since its inception in 2007, AeU has successfully produced over 22,000 graduates.

From the very beginning, Asia e University had taken initiatives to a dual mode university leveraging heavily on digital technologies to provide world-class learning support and facilities. AeU was one of the first universities commended by UNESCO in Asia for the use of Open Education Resources. Being a pioneer in Digital Learning and Teaching, during this Covid pandemic students at AeU continued to have their classes online and did not lose any study time. AeU successfully executed uninterrupted services through initiatives such as Synchronous Online Final Exam (SOFE), APEL management system, upgrades of AeU Campus Management System (CMS), AeU Learning Management System as well as the digital library.

The forward-thinking and excellent working culture staff at AeU are constantly striving to improve student learning experiences and skills enhancement outcomes AeU also partnerships arrangements with highly credible educational institutions and organisations from all over the world and AeU is well placed to become a truly global digital Higher Education provider post Covid.

Throughout the years, AeU has managed to accomplished numerous achievements including ASEAN Outstanding Business Award in 2019, has consistently been 4 Stars in SETARA 2020. AeU has produced several distinguished alumni from all walks of life. One of our distinguished alumni has been nominated as Lifelong Learning Icon in 2019 by the Ministry of Education Malaysia for his outstanding achievement and progress. While another distinguished alumni has been listed as The World’s Top 2% Scientists by Stanford University. We are extremely honoured and proud to be chosen as one of their alma mater.

According to its Vice-Chancellor, Emeritus Professor Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Nik Mustapha Raja Abdullah for this year the University targeted to widen its learners’ demography besides offering additional two new programmes to its students. He said, the University’s main goal is to be the pioneer in Online & Distance Learning (ODL) not only in Malaysia but also in the region.

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