Workshop on Using Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy by VUP

A one-day training workshop was organized by the Department of Education on Using Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy on December 09, 2021. Dr. Nauman A. Abdullah, In-Charge, Department of Education inaugurated the workshop by introducing the purpose of Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy. He urged the participants to actively participate in the workshop and learn new skills as takeaway points from this workshop. Dr. Nauman gave a brief overview of the participants of the workshop.

Prof. Dr. Arshad Saleem Bhatti, (SI, TI) Rector, Virtual University of Pakistan, addressed the workshop participants as Chief Guest and emphasized the need for this workshop. The worthy Rector shared practical experiences of his 33 years teaching and research career and stressed the use of digital tools and techniques in this post-pandemic era. Rector Sahib encouraged the participants to practice the skills learned through this workshop in their teaching-learning process.

Dr. Nauman Abdullah and Ms. Hina Amin were the resource persons for this workshop. Dr. Nauman introduced the concepts of Bloom’s Taxonomy and its use in the overall educational process. The application of 6 levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy in developing objectives, formulating student learning outcomes, creating content, and designing classroom instructions and assessments were elaborated by him.

Ms. Hina further elaborated the difference between three different versions of Bloom’s Taxonomy. She gave activities related to objectives, learning activities, and assessment and made the workshop an interactive session. Examples from different subjects were given to relate and execute the concepts learned in the workshop. Participants who were online were also involved in stating the research objectives, classroom interaction activities, and assessment by the resource person.

278 participants from university faculty, college teachers, public and private school teachers, principals, and academicians and researchers from all over Pakistan were part of this training workshop. 40 faculty members from different departments of Virtual University also attended the workshop in person. Complete resource material, PowerPoint presentation slides, and e-certificates were provided to the participants.

Dr. Faisal Tehseen Shah (Controller Examiner) and Dr. Arshad H. Hashmi (Director ORIC) delivered the closing remarks and emphasized how to prepare the taxonomy-based exam bank for the Virtual University of Pakistan. Dr. Faisal Shah encouraged having more workshops on Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy and concepts related to item development. Dr. Arshad Hashmi ensured the support of ORIC in future training workshops of the Department of Education. The workshop concluded on a group photo and refreshment.