Asia e-University ‘Visits’ the Southern Slopes of The Himalayas

On 23 March 2022, a webinar on the “Developments in Early Childhood Education” was conducted virtually. The webinar was organized for preschool proprietors and educators in Nepal. There were about 30 participants joined the session. The webinar was held via the Google Meet platform.

‘The importance of educating the youngest in our generation cannot take place by accident or by the dictation of society. We need to enhance the minds and stimulate their mental growth through education, and this monumental task lies in the hands of the educators’, says Prof Dr. John Arul Phillips, Dean of the School of Education and Cognitive Science, Asia e University (AeU) who presented in the webinar session.

‘Our delivery modality via distance learning education has made us leaders in online education long before the pandemic. Making education accessible to everyone has been the mission of AeU and it hopes that through this webinar, young educators will be encouraged to pursue their academic dreams and to equip themselves for the very important position that they hold in educating the future generation of leaders and global citizens’ added by Prof Dr. John.

‘We are not in the business of selling education, but instead, we are in the business of empowering anyone with a burning desire to fulfil an Academic goal’, quips Ms Chithra the Senior Manager of Sales and Marketing.

AeU would like to thank all participants from Nepal, Study Plus Nepal and Mr. Pitambar Neupane for their valuable contribution and discussion at the webinar.

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