Impact of Smart Technologies On Supply Chain Development — A Webinar by Asia e-University

Asia e University (AeU) has continued to host informative and insightful webinars series for audiences this year. In the webinar, there will be not only the speakers among the respective academicians from AeU but also involving our alumni who are practitioners or experts in the industry and the topic discussed. We are most welcome the local and international audiences to stream live the webinar through AeU’s Official Facebook Page, YouTube Channel and LinkedIn.

On upcoming 23 April 2022, we will hold a webinar entitled “Impact of Smart Technologies on Supply Chain Development”. In this webinar, we will have distinguished speakers in logistics. The speakers, namely Major Ts. Chang Kah Loon, Log. Leong Kin Wah and Dr Durairaj Veeraiyah. Organizations around the world have turned their attention to digitality because of the considerable benefits it brings for firms. This webinar will discuss on how smart technologies could fully exploit the possibilities of digital transformation, especially in the post-Covid-19 pandemic.

The webinar will be held on Saturday at 11.30 am, Malaysian Time, and open to public audiences. We will consistently organize the beneficial webinar session to contribute to society, especially in education industry. Please like and follow our official social media platforms to keep updated with future events and link details to join the webinar.

Date: 23 April 2022 (Saturday)
Time: 11.30 am – 12.30pm (MYT)
Via : AeU’s Official Facebook, YouTube & LinkedIn

1) Major Ts. Chang Kah Loon
Professor of Practice (Logistics) / Senior Logistician President,
The Society of Logisticians Malaysia (LogM) Director,
AK Shipping (AK Ventures Berhad)

2) Log. Leong Kin Wah
Secretary General, The Society of Logisticians Malaysia (LogM) Managing Director,
EW Logistics and Transport (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

3) Dr Durairaj Veeraiyah
PhD (AeU), Founder and Principal Consultant at D&SF Consulting Asia Pacific


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