Asia e-University (AeU) On UNESCO Lite Governing Board

Professor Dato’ Dr. Ansary Ahmed, the Founder President of Asia e University (AeU), which is a collaborative multinational and multi-mode university established in 2007 under the auspices of 35 Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) countries, has been invited to join the Governing Board of the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies (IITE) in Education, located in Moscow, the Russian Federation, for the period 2022-2025. His experience will be highly valuable to the work of the UNESCO IITE. It is also a recognition of his continuing efforts in the education and lifelong learning.

The UNESCO IITE was established as an integral part of UNESCO by the General Conference of UNESCO since 1997. IITE is the only UNESCO’s Category 1 Institute that holds a global mandate for ICT in education.

In line with the new Education 2030 Agenda, UNESCO IITE has developed its strategic priority areas to meet new demands and tasks. The mission of UNESCO IITE in the new era is promoting the innovative use of ICT and serving as facilitator and enabler to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4) through ICT-enabled solutions and best practices. The SDG 4 highlights the inclusion and equity, quality of education and lifelong learning.

The UNESCO IITE’s policy, work programme and priorities are shaped by a Governing Board, which consists of 11 members appointed by the UNESCO’s Director-General on a geographical distribution, for a four-year term. Each member is chosen from among leading experts for his or her eminence in the field and sit in a personal capacity.

Professor Dato’ Dr. Ansary Ahmed thanked the Director-General of UNESCO for the invitation to join the UNESCO IITE.

“AeU is a leading Open and Distance Learning (ODL) university in Malaysia, and one of the premier ODL institutions in Asia. AeU is always ready to support and work together with UNESCO IITE to make the shared vision come true towards the quality education and lifelong learning opportunities that transform lives of all,” Professor Dato’ Dr. Ansary Ahmed said.

“AeU is ranked as a “Very Good” university by the 2020 SETARA Ranking and emerged as the top among the open and distance learning universities in Malaysia. In 15 years, AeU’s cumulative student population has exceeded 30,000 students, spreading over from 86 countries. The students of AeU enjoy an immersive personalized education experience with goals of flexibility, quality and relevance regardless of the geographical locations. To date, AeU has over 22,000 graduates globally. AeU strives to harness appropriate technologies to improve the institution’s quality of teaching and learning and to reach out to its diverse learners,” Professor Dato’ Dr. Ansary Ahmed added.

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