Teachers’ Alert: Revitalize Your Knowledge, Join SEAMOLEC Post-Pandemic Training Programmes 

Three years pandemic apparently has been forming a new culture in education sector. Many educators are getting familiar with and comfortable in engaging various tools, applications, and platforms that support learning material delivery to students. This habit arises as the pandemic has been forcing teachers to conduct learning sessions when they were located separately from the students. As a result, teachers tend to be more creative in planning various learning strategies and developing learning materials.  

This new culture has affected students as well. They have been adopting various learning styles during the pandemic. It is now a common thing for students to find learning materials through the internet by themselves. They are getting more familiar with it and be more comfortable to consume bite-size digital learning materials. Thus, it becomes a challenge for teachers to produce easy-to-consume digital learning materials. 

Starting the year 2023, SEAMOLEC offers various new titles for its online courses which aims to facilitate teachers in revitalizing their knowledge and skill, especially in education technology post-pandemic trends. These courses are in line with the developments of the educational technology, globally, and can be participated by all levels of educators in Southeast Asia countries. 

Dr Wahyudi, SEAMOLEC’s Director, mentioned, “The courses are initiated to also support the policy of the Ministry of Education Culture Research and Technology (MoECRT) of Indonesia, namely “Merdeka Belajar” (translated as Emancipated Learning).” This learner-centered policy is designed to prepare students to be independent in making decisions and make choices through careful considerations in accordance with the situation condition and needs. Dr Wahyudi also concluded, “In relevance with its vision and mission, SEAMOLEC expects to contribute to advancing education in Southeast Asia.” 

Teachers and their workshop projects during their participation at SEAMOLEC Robotic session