The Open University of Sri Lanka offers the linked BSc degree with the University of Essex, UK

The Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL), being a leader in Sri Lankan higher educational sphere, is proud to announce of its achievement in the linking of the BSc degree programmes with the University of Essex in UK. This will open new avenues of learning which are currently not available for local undergraduates through state university systems, and further reinforce the mission of OUSL’s life-changing education with a global touch!

Students enrolling to the BSc degree programme at the Faculty of Natural Sciences are now able to make a choice at the end of level 4 (second year in the degree) to continue at OUSL or to join the BSc Degree at the University of Essex, UK through progression links. Those registered for an Honours (special) degree at the OUSL, have the option of gaining direct entry to the MSc programmes at University of Essex after the completion of level 5 (third year in the degree). More details and a breakdown of the progression pathways can be found at OUSL students can enroll for the degree programmes at Essex without the requirement of doing the Standard English Tests. This progression link is also facilitated by the special educational loan scheme.

There are several other degree programmes in the process of linking with this type of progression arrangements. The OUSL look forward to widening up the scope of educational opportunities for the Sri Lankan students through foreign partnerships. It is envisaged that this partnership will grant access for the students to get international qualifications at an affordable cost, while choosing the most appropriate institute for a relevant field of study and make informed decisions with minimum risk on their future.