Asia e University (AeU) Engagement in Global and Local Educational Initiatives

Asia e University continues to actively engage and support educational initiatives both on the domestic and international front. Here are the highlights of our recent and upcoming involvements:

23rd Session of UNESCO IITE Governing Board:

Professor Dato’ Dr Ansary Ahmed attended the at the 23rd Session of the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education (IITE) Governing Board Meeting in Paris. Under the esteemed chairmanship of Professor Asha Singh Kanwar, a prominent advocate of sustainable development learning and CEO of the Commonwealth of Learning, the assembly deliberated on the key roles of IITE, its alignment with UNESCO’s global strategies, and other pivotal matters.

ASAIHL Malaysia Council Meeting at UPM:

On July 20th, Professor Dato’ Dr. Ansary Ahmed participated in the 2nd ASAIHL Malaysia Council Meeting at the University of Putra Malaysia. As the Secretariat for ASAIHL Malaysia Council, he presented the organization’s goals, which predominantly focus on strengthening cooperation among Malaysian Universities and breading the cooperation with other ASAIHL institutions in the region. The attendees debated topics ranging from membership fees to student exchange programs as well as new ASAIHL annual awards.

2023 National Education and Learning Summit:

Professor Dato’ Dr. Ansary Ahmed joined as a panelist for the summit themed “Future-Ready Education for a Future-Capable Society” on July 13th in Kuala Lumpur. The summit, an annual congregation of education enthusiasts, addressed the evolving nature of the Malaysian education landscape. Professor Dato’ Dr. Ansary Ahmed provided insights during the Vice-Chancellor Roundtable, focusing on the intersection of higher education, technology and especially which list for Malaysia moving forward in a digital world.

2023 World Digital Economy & Technology Summit:

Looking ahead, Professor Dato’ Dr. Ansary Ahmed is slated to participate as a panelist in the 2023 World Digital Economy and Technology Summit this September in Penang. He will discuss “Digital Education – Preparing for the Digital Age”. The summit’s objectives encompass promoting Web 3.0 technology, establishing Malaysia as a key contributor to its growth, and facilitating collaborations and investments in blockchain/decentralized nuance-based businesses.

These events underline Asia e University’s commitment to excellence and proactive participation in shaping the future of global education.