Selection of Candidates by Host Institution
Each year, AAOU will present the Young Innovator Award comprising one gold medal and two silver medals for deserving candidates. Prior to the AAOU Annual Conference, the academic sub-committee of the host institution shall shortlist 10–12 papers from those who qualify the selection criteria.
Selection Criteria
  • Candidates must come from AAOU member institutions.
  • Selection is based only on paper written by an individual.
  • Author of the paper must not exceed the maximum age of 40 years old by 1st January of the year the conference is held.
  • Evaluation shall be based on the merit of the innovation (e.g. teaching tool, application software, approaches to student support, management tool etc.).
The author of the individual paper must submit his/her curriculum vitae highlighting the experiences and achievements in endorsing innovations.
Adjudication Committee
Adjudication Committee comprising leading practitioners of open and distance learning (ODL) in the region who are well known within the AAOU community will be appointed by the AAOU President. The Committee comprises a Chair and at least two members, who shall come from different institutions.
Assessment Procedure and Criteria
The shortlisted papers for the Young Innovator Award shall be forwarded via the AAOU Secretary-General to the Adjudication Committee who shall then evaluate the papers according to the following criteria:
  • Quality of innovation
  • Relevance of the innovation to the theory and practice of ODL
  • Uniqueness and originality of the innovation
  • Success and impact of the innovation
  • Innovative use of available resources
  • Sustainability of the innovation
  • Quality of writing
  • Frame/flow/line of thinking
  • Quality of the supporting evidence
  • Consistency of style
  • Language (clarity and cohesiveness)
On the basis of an evaluation of the shortlisted papers, the Adjudication Committee shall present their recommendations to the AAOU President for endorsement. Once endorsed by the AAOU President, the decision shall be final.